About Us

CEE Inc: your trustworthy partner for Cables, Electrical and Electronic materials and components.

About Us

CEE Inc. is owned and operated by people with over 20 years of experience in the marine industry. We aim to be the one-stop shop for all of your  electrical and electronic parts equipment..

 Due to the nature of our business, a wide range of products are in stock in our 10,300 sq ft warehouses. Furthermore, CEE has access to more than 140,000 products stocked by the most reliable and world-known manufacturers, ready for direct shipping.

 Our supply range includes Cables, Cable Supporting Systems, Wiring Accessories, Switchgears, Lighting Fixtures, Light Bulbs, Automation, Test equipment, Hand and Machine Tools, Safety Equipment and much more.

Our warehouses are conveniently located in South Florida where we can immediately serve the ports of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and any port worldwide in co-operation with reliable forwarders and logistics centers. Through a carefully selected network of partners, we provide the same high standard service around the world.

Our main priority is to offer superior service to our customers: shipyards, shipping companies, installation companies and independent contractors. We work with them as a team, sharing our knowledge and experience. We constantly try to develop and maintain an excellent relationship with our customers.

We provide innovation. Having invested in one of the best ERP softwares, we can respond to any order whether large or small and track your order f rom receipt to delivery.

We do it with flexibility. Easy and fast delivery for a variety of products under one invoice and at a competitive price

We act with integrity. Providing trustworthy consistent service, time and time again.

We value your business and we always try to be a reliable partner.


Our Goal

We strongly believe that the challenges of our customers are also our challenges. Since our business has been built based on customer service, our duty is to find the right solution for you. We feel that we are partners in our customers’ projects, continuously aiming to their satisfaction and always looking to exceed their expectations.

No matter what your need is, fro m a simple toggle-switch to a complete main electrical distribution board, you can depend on us for quality, value, consistency and on time worldwide delivery.

You can count on us because we have only one focus: marine electrical components and materials. This specialization distinguishes us fro m the competition. We will be there for you.  



Terms and Conditions

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