Lamps Ballast & Control Gear

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lamps cg_TOUCH DIM
lamps cg_TOUCH DIM2
lamps cg_DALI1
lamps cg_DALI2
lamps cg_DALI3
lamps cg_ECG1
lamps cg_ECG2
lamps cg_ECG3
lamps cg_ECG4
lamps cg_ECG5
lamps cg_ECG6
lamps cg_ECG7
lamps cg_MULTI 3
lamps cg_LED MOD
lamps cg_HID
  • Control Gears – Light management systems
  • Control Gears – Fluorescent lamps ECG
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps ECG
  • LED Module converters
  • High Intensity Discharge lamps(HID) – ECG

Low energy consumption is good for the economy of lighting systems and also for the environment. ECG operation extends lamp life, provides flicker-free light and flicker-free shutdown at end of life. Reliability and trouble-free ECG operation. Compliance with IEC standards is an important requirement for trouble-free ECG operation.

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