Fasteners,Fixing and Engineering Materials

  • Hexagonal head screws,stainless steel
  • Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws,stainless steel
  • Cross recessed countersunk oval head screws,stainless steel
  • Self-drilling tapping screws,oval head,stainless steel
  • Self-drilling tapping screws,countersunk head,stainless steel
  • Hi-Collar Lock Washers,stainless steel
  • Fender Washer,stainless steel
  • Hexagonal nuts,stainless steel
  • Countersunk head,slotted screws-nylon
  • Cheesehead,slotted screws-nylon
  • Pan,cross head screws-nylon
  • Countersunk,cross head screws-nylon

Ask for our full fasteners catalogue,in order to be able to choose out from many different types and sizes that are available.

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