Lamps Incadescent

lamps_classic A
lamps_classic B
lamps_classic BW
lamps_classic P
lamp_classic colored
lamps_bent tip candle

The best possible light sources for particular applications. For applications in which shape and appearance play a major role even when the lamp is not switched on (decorative range, colored lamps) or for those in which the lamps have specific uses, such as shockproof lamps, infrared lamps, TV lamps, special lamps for refrigerators, ovens, sewing machines and so on.

Lamps Halogen

lamps hal _DECOPIN
lamps hal _HALOLUX ES
lamps hal_HALOLUX CF-HC-T
lamps hal_HALOLUX BT
lamps hal_HALOLINE
lamps hal_HALOPAR
lamps hal_HALOSPOT
lamps hal_HALOSTAR
lamps hal_DECOSTAR
lamps hal_MINISTAR

Halogen lamps provide feel-good light that has a similar effect to natural light and they perform a wide range of functions. They provide light in furniture, display cabinets and small luminaires, and can transform entire rooms. Thanks to their internationally standardized bases, halogen lamps can now be used in almost any luminaire.

Lamps Compact Fluorescent

lamps cfl_T SERIES
lamps cfl_D SERIES
lamps cfl_S SERIES
lamps cfl_L SERIES
lamps cfl_DULUX 120W
lamps cfl_F SERIES
lamps cfl_CFL SQUARE
lamps cfl_ENDURA

Energy saving Lamps 2-Pin, 4-Pin or Single-Ended.

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Lamps Compact Fluorescent-Main Voltage

lamps_cfl tube form
lamps_cfl classic
lamps_cfl globe
lamps_cfl electrode-less
lamps_cfl reflector
lamps_cfl sensor
lamps_cfl circolux

Energy saving Lamps in different shapes for all kinds of use:

  • Classic shape-Standard, Candle, Spherical
  • Tube Shape
  • Spiral shape
  • Reflector Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps are the bright and economical alternatives to ordinary light bulbs. They reduce electricity costs by as much as 80% compared with light bulbs of the same brightness, and last up to 15  times longer.

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Lamps Fluorescent & Starters

lamps_fluorescent T5a
lamps_fluorescent T5 colored
lamps_fluorescent T5 split
lamps_fluorescent T5 circline
lamps_fluorescent T5chip
lamps_fluorescent T12
lamps_fluorescent T2
lamps_fluorescent starters
  • TL-5
  • TL-D
  • TL-E
  • TL-M
  • TL Rapid Start
  • TL-X (Explosion-proof)

Fluorescent lamps produce 70% of artificial light throughout the world.Their excellent economy and eco-friendly characteristics make them the first choice for many applications.

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Lamps Discharge

lamps discharge_HCI
lamps discharge_HCI R
lamps discharge_HQI T&R
lamps discharge_HQI-TS
lamps discharge_HQI T1000&250
lamps discharge_HCI-E
lamps discharge_HWL
  • Metal halide lamps with ceramic or quartz technology
  • Short-arc lamps
  • Low-pressure sodium lamps
  • Mercury mixed-light lamps

High-intensity discharge lamps are the most efficient light sources. They provide an extremely large amount of light from a very small space.The area in which the light is produced is no larger than a 2 euro coin.  What’s more, because of the compact dimensions of these lamps, their light can be easily and accurately directed.

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Lamps High-pressure Discharge

lamps highpr discharge_VIALOX1
lamps highpr discharge_VIALOX2
lamps highpr discharge_HQL
lamps highpr discharge_HQL-R

The advantages of modern high-pressure discharge  lamps include low thermal output, excellent color rendering and long life.Consequently,they are the light sources of choice-wherever products and objects need to be presented in brilliant light and true colors,such as in shop windows and retail outlets-wherever energy efficiency and long life are important, for example in factories, sports stadiums, street lighting and horticultural lighting.

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Lamps LED

lamps LED_ES
  • LED Lamps-Classic
  • LED Lamps-Reflector
  • LED Lamps-Low Consumption
  • LED Lamps-Energy Saving

LED lamps are superior to conventional light sources in many respects and are extremely versatile. They are impressive for their wide color palette and excellent color saturation. Their low power consumption and long life make them particularly economical.They are suitable for general lighting, architectural lighting, illuminated advertising, corporate lighting and orientation lighting inside and outside buildings. They can be used in designer luminaires, recessed lights, information signs and traffic signals.

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Lamps Miniature

lamps miniature_halogen
lamps miniature_road signalling
lamps miniature_indicator
lamps miniature_submin1
lamps miniature_submin2
lamps miniature_submin3
lamps miniature_festoon

Navigation Lamps

lamps navigation_E27
lamps navigation_B22
lamps navigation_P28S
lamps navigation_BAY15D
  • Navigation Lamps Bay15d
  • Navigation Lamps P28s
  • Navigation Lamps B22d
  • Navigation Lamps E27

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Lamps for Special applications

lamps special_infrared1
lamps special_infrared2
lamps special_ULTRAMED
lamps special_dulux blue
lamps special_blacklight
lamps special_germicidal
lamps special_SIRATEC

Light is now used in a very wide range of industries as a technically, economically and ecologically superior alternative to conventional processes. It is used, for example for:curing,drying,thermo-forming,artificial material aging,sterilizing.There are also a number of classic industrial applications for light which would be impossible without these special lamps.These include: exposure of printing plates,exposure of photo-resist material in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards,fluorescence excitation for material analysis.

LED Systems

LED systems_OSTAR
LED systems_DRAGON
LED systems_DRAGON2
LED systems_DOT-IT
LED systems_SPYLUX

The compact dimensions, enormous range of colors and modular design of LED systems means that lighting concepts can be created that were unthinkable only a short time ago. Low energy consumption, long life and low maintenance costs all add up  to impressive economy. Rugged construction and vibration-proof design  ensure maximum reliability.

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Lamps Ballast & Control Gear

lamps cg_TOUCH DIM
lamps cg_TOUCH DIM2
lamps cg_DALI1
lamps cg_DALI2
lamps cg_DALI3
lamps cg_ECG1
lamps cg_ECG2
lamps cg_ECG3
lamps cg_ECG4
lamps cg_ECG5
lamps cg_ECG6
lamps cg_ECG7
lamps cg_MULTI 3
lamps cg_LED MOD
lamps cg_HID
  • Control Gears – Light management systems
  • Control Gears – Fluorescent lamps ECG
  • Low-voltage halogen lamps ECG
  • LED Module converters
  • High Intensity Discharge lamps(HID) – ECG

Low energy consumption is good for the economy of lighting systems and also for the environment. ECG operation extends lamp life, provides flicker-free light and flicker-free shutdown at end of life. Reliability and trouble-free ECG operation. Compliance with IEC standards is an important requirement for trouble-free ECG operation.

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